Monday, September 17, 2012

Strengthen the life of the crushing plate to improve jaw crusher production efficiency

The jaw crusher is mainly used for preliminary crushing the ore material, it works relatively harsh environment, optimize and strengthen their constituent bodies need to master the necessary maintenance of the stability of the knowledge in order to improve efficiency in the production of equipment sex.

Jaw the broken broken plate life proceed from the design selection, assembly, use process improvement to strengthen strengthen cracker broken plate life, thereby enhancing the a jaw broken stone machine production efficiency, reduce production costs.

1, jaw crusher normal operation only after the feed production.

2, to be broken materials should be evenly added crusher cavity should be avoided the lateral feeding or filled feeding, in order to avoid unilateral overload or withstand overload.

Normal working hours, the bearing temperature rise should not exceed 30 ℃, the maximum temperature should not exceed 70 ° C. Jaw crusher over the temperature, should be immediately stopped, and to identify the reasons and to be eliminated.

4, parking, first stop feeding be broken cavity material completely discharged only after the power is turned off.

5, when broken, as a result of the crushing cavity material obstruction caused by parking, should immediately turn off the power to stop the run, jaw crusher crushing cavity materials to clean up before re starting.

SBM jaw crusher design in order to strengthen and extend the life of the jaw crusher jaw jaw designed to be the symmetric two paragraphs on the line, the moment worn can turn around and use the; large jaw crusher jaw a few pieces designed to be symmetrical with each other in order to wear the jaw transpose.

The materials and the direct effect of the jaw, crushing force crushing hard materials, leading to the installation jaw bolts vibrating loose nut, the increased wear and tear of the jaw and generate a great deal of noise, severe jaw off or broken equipment downtime, affecting the normal production. Can use the process to find ways for specific situations to solve specific problems, prevent wear increased jaw loose, broken, thus extending the life of the jaw, lower costs, and improve work efficiency.

The jaw crusher is characterized by the principle is simple, convenient and outstanding value for money, in practice, the mineral processing equipment in rough break model of choice. The jaw crusher uses a unique jaw head structure, sealing guarantee, effectively extending bearing life. The whole cast and the bearing housing, with a new assembly process, so in conjunction with the rack to perfect, and strive forward automation of mining machinery, equipment performance more prominent.

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