Thursday, September 20, 2012

Alternative sources of energy to preserve the environment

Alternative sources of energy to preserve the environment is something new, but very important. The world is moving in the direction of clean and renewable sources of energy and the wind comes as a great option.

Wind power has been increasing its participation in global energy context. Studies of the World Wind Energy Association shows that 86 countries already use this renewable source to produce electricity.

The energy generated by wind has conquered countries to be absolutely clean, safe, renewable and doesn’t cause environmental problems. It interferes very little in agricultural production, allowing the towers to be installed inside private properties, causing no damage to the activities. The construction of a wind farm is much faster, taking about a year and a half to be complete.

The largest producers of wind power are China, United States, Germany, Spain, India, France, Italy, UK, Canada and Portugal.

Today, alternative sources are complementary to the existing systems, but it’s important to find the best ways to use them, because soon these will be the major  type of energy sources.

This way our society can evolve, working in harmony with the environment and enjoying what it has to offer. In this case, the wind!

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