Friday, September 7, 2012

JinkoSolar to supply solar panels for PV system in South Africa

JinkoSolar will supply 4,Use of solar energy is one of the best alternative and people are looking for solar supplies at affordable prices. By looking out for the best Best Custom Solar Chargers, you will be able to provide your clients with quality products at very reasonable prices.The solar cells which are used to make the solar panels are of superior quality, and there would not be any chance of getting a complaint.You don't must mild up your property or organization just like an army installation in order to attain the very security China Power Bank Exporters look for. Motion sensor lighting that only light up the area through which movement is detected can show fundamental adequate defense in many circumstances without inviting the neighbors to complain about the never-ending daylight you manage to create.170 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to power an off-grid 1MW utility scale photovoltaic system at a chrome mine located in South Africa's Limpopo province.Solea Renewables will be design, engineer and construct the PV project which will produce around 1.8 gigawatt hours of electricity annually.The electricity generated from the plant is expected to decrease the mine dependence on diesel during the day time for the next 20 to 30 years.Solea Renewables director VusiMhlanzi said the electricity generated from the PV plants, developed by the company will not only help the end-users and but will also reduce the growing demand the public utility Eskom faces.
"Wechose JinkoSolar panelsfor its superior performance and reliability, as seen in utility-scale installations across Asia, Europe, and Americas," Mhlanzi said."As the plant is expected to be completed by late October, 2012, the electricity generated by JinkoSolar quality solar panels will definitely reduce the mine's daytime diesel consumption while securing our client's with a natural long-term hedge against all rising costs of power."JinkoSolar chief executive officer Kangping Chen said, "We have great expectations for South Africa.Motion sensor lights on the outside of your home offer many benefits. Best Custom Solar bag enjoy the additional security these items provide both by lighting a path and by discouraging intruders from coming into a home. They also save electricity when compared to standard outdoor light which are left on all night or for long periods of time. The region's booming population, strong economic growth and abundant sunlight represent an exciting opportunity for solar and for JinkoSolar we look forward to working with Solea Renewables, an experienced EPC partner on this momentous project."
The initial 30megawatt solar energy generation signed between Kaduna State and a German company can be built and increased to 120mw over a period of time depending on the success of the first phase, the commissioner for rural and community development, Architect Isah Idris Umaru has said.Speaking in an interview with Sunday Trust, he said, "The initial megawatts we expect is 30 but that can be built and increased to 120mw over a period of time depending on the success of the first phase. So we want large site that accommodates the expansion needed to continue to increase the power.""The situation also brings to light the power that the city Metro network will consume once more networks become operational by 2015-16. The question that needs to be asked is whether the power utilities are in a position to supply the required power for smoothing running of services," a source said.

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