Monday, October 8, 2012

Wind energy has great benefits

Wind energy has great benefits and potential for supplying part of the nations power supply, but many places have days where they have little to no breeze at all which as you can imagine makes it very difficult to produce energy.  Another issue in my opinion is the turbines are to large supplying large amounts of power which is understandable for mass power generation, but the amount of land needed can seem overwhelming.  It is amazing to drive down the highway and see hundreds of giant wind turbines spinning in the wind, but why don’t look at scaling those giant turbines down or even modify them to make them not only look a little better but even perform better in areas with less wind?  Well, some people have done all of this for us to enjoy more wind energy.

They have created some vertical turbines, turbines with multiple blades, and many other designs just homes and small or large businesses to lower the building energy consumption or even in some cases for homes they can eliminate consumption of energy from the power company.  Yes, we been hearing much about the infamous Solyndra and their failed attempt to mass production of large wind turbines, but there are still many companies building and supplying smaller wind turbines.  If we can help bring down the cost of buying and installing to where almost everyone can get some for their homes and businesses then we could begin to lower the demand on power from other sources.

This of course would have to be on a large scale as far as installation goes, but would not require so many giant wind turbines so fast.  The smaller ones could be in place with out giant cranes and months of building to begin helping everyone.  We could still build the larger wind turbines across the country to help assist our country to become more energy independent, but we could begin helping out right now not years from now.  Wind is not the end all of our countries energy demands but doing things on a smaller scale to start would help get jobs going in every state and all across each state, while also beginning to lower our dependency on foreign oil, nuclear power, and coal.  We definitely could still use those energy supplies, but maybe, just maybe we wouldn’t need to build any more plants to supply power.

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