Thursday, October 11, 2012

Low carbon economy on monofilament filter fabric the significance of polyester manufacturing

In actively explore "a low carbon economy" today, with monofilament filtration of polyester filter cloth will have new development opportunities. The low carbon and economic put together, means that the carbon emissions and itself consumption, trade has close relationship, and the current European and American countries in trade policies, has "a low carbon economy" in related field. But as the future of a kind of trend of development, developing countries will put the environmental protection question as enterprise event to grasp. In the pollution the most outstanding dyeing and printing industry, our country has been in force for related access system, countries in the development of the textile industry adjust and revitalization plan "of time, will the environmental protection question as a key planning. The single polyester filtering cloth is made is of certain significance, the development of environmental protection industry, can help these Monofilament polyester filter fabric development.

With textile monofilament filtration about polyester filter cloth, in Japan to have such a farce: drop in the river Monofilament polyester filter fabric in bonded contaminants and purifying water quality on the unexpected effect. Scientists after after test is surprised to discover that, not only in the filter cloth single polyester welcomed the obvious effects, and the water and other biological like fish in and near the carbon fiber laying eggs, the survival rate also greatly improved.

In fact, in the application of performance is only Monofilament polyester filter fabric many application fields of a small piece, in steel, coal, mining, cement and even car, food and other industries need applied to all kinds of filter materials. And a lot of the filter cloth single polyester application and promotion, not only and environment, resources and sustainable development are closely related, more likely to become move "a low carbon economy" lever.

Environmental problems is ultimately enterprise behavior, this is the responsibility of the enterprise, is not only the need of transformation and upgrading of need, but also reduce the cost, improve the need of added value. The financial crisis is not the past, but the enterprise vision should not be limited to the current crisis, but want to consider in the crisis, the environmental problems will become enterprise development, and cooperation, the competition of the key. In this work, Monofilament polyester filter fabric will run.

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