Monday, June 25, 2012

Conley Students Awarded with Pie-Throwing Contest for Recycling Efforts

Fifth grade student Taylor Hallam throws a pie at her teacher Mrs. Edie Gogny and Ms. Jill Adams in celebration of winning $4,000 in the Waste Management and PepsiCo Dream Machine Recycle Rally.
Brave staff participants Mrs. Michelle Kenefick, Mrs. Julie McLaughlin, Mr. Ed Garza, Mrs. Edie Gogny, Ms. Jill Adams, Mr. Shawn Nordeen, Mr. Marcus Boynton, and Ms. Alice Stech.
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Recycling efforts by students at Conley Elementary School, 750 Academic Drive in Algonquin, have paid off.

The school recently learned it won $4,000 through the Waste Management and PepsiCo’s nationwide Dream Machine Recycle Rally contest, according to a District 158 press release. In total, students collected 194,900 bottles and cans over the past nine months as part of the challenge.

As a way to celebrate, the students from the top three classrooms that brought in the most bottles and cans—Mrs. Edie Gogny, Mrs. Julie McLaughlin and Mrs. Michelle Kenefick’s classes—took part in a pie-throwing contest last week. The students threw pies in the faces of some Conley staff members.

Conley Elementary ranked 41st in the nation for its recycling efforts through the Dream Machine Recycling Rally contest, according to a District 158 press release. In total, 618 schools participate in the recycling challenge. An average of 212 containers were collected per student over the past nine months.

The $4,000 prize from Pepsi Co will be used to further Conley's recycling efforts. The top prize was $50,000. 

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