Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ericsson announces latest networked services

The Swedish telecommunications giant Ericsson is to launch a number of solutions and applications that would show its "world-leading technology, service capacities and innovation," the company announced on Wednesday.One of the launches, Small Cell, as a service by Ericsson, enables increased network capacity in environments,Chefs Kitchen Knives where large numbers of people gather or when there is a need of the amounts of data.The technology will combine 3G and 4G with carrier grade Wifi and it allows the monetization of dedicated media content, advertising and over-the-top (OTT) services.Vintage bath fixturesThe Future TV Anywhere platform,Banner Pen bringing modern Web technologies to the TV operator world, is also among the new launches, which integrates Pay TV service quality and content depth, with the personalization, interactivity and multi-screen viewing capabilities of OTT services.Ericsson's new technology will be an opportunity for investment and increase of cost efficiency for the operators as consumers use numerous video services to find content and switch between multiple devices with varying content viewing abilities.According to Ericsson, the Future TV Anywhere will deliver innovative and seamless viewing experiences that can rapidly evolve at web speed.Another launch from Ericsson is Service Agility, which makes it easier for operators to collaborate with an ecosystem of partners, suppliers and application developers, facilitating faster launch of a much broader range of innovative products and services.Service Agility uses a single, open and flexible framework to provide a complete solution that allows a user to browse and select offerings from an enterprise catalog that stores all product information as components. 

Among the new launches, the new Ericsson Network Manager will be the platform for telecom operators to manage the transformation of their networks to new technologies.The system is designed to deliver high-performing networks that are adaptive to changes in world outside of what operators can control and it removes barriers between network domains for smarter decision making, reduces operational complexity and improves efficiency through better automation and policy control.The new Telecom Cloud Transformation consulting practice is also introduced by Ericsson and it will use innovative methodologies and tools to transform technology and process environments."The cloud offers operators advantages such as efficiency gains in operations as well as improved time to market," said Paolo Colella, Vice President and Head of Consulting and Systems Integration at Ericsson.Ericsson is a world-leading provider of communications technology and service. Today 40 percent of the world's mobile traffic goes through Ericsson networks and the company supports networks serving more than 2.5 billion subscribers.

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