Saturday, January 4, 2014

Look cosmetic packaging industry

As the day of the increasingly plastic box fierce market competition , the business came up with plastic packaging box various ways to attract consumers’ attention and to be recognized, is now packaged in an important part of the process of competition can not be ignored , because the date of packaging is also increasingly being attention,x431 IV and constantly developing.For now the status quo on the packaging of the market point of view , there are plastic , paper ,uv resin glass tube and four forms of packaging, plastic bottle packaging in the cosmetic field is the use of a wide range of packaging , it has a transparent , translucent and opaque points, this can be a good clear plastic packaging way to show the characteristics of the different nature of the product , by the day of the manufacturers alike. The same hose as a personal care product packaging which is known to everyone , such as face cream , skin care products and other products have mostly adopted the hose packaging. Also with the idea of packaging designers constantly updated , with the continuous development of related technologies ,nitrogen generator & inflator machine cartons field in Japan is also expanding plastic trays range of applications . Today, although the cosmetic glass containers in the proportion of not more than 8% , however , it still has irreplaceable advantages in this field clamshell packaging of packaging , the material of choice for high-end cosmetics is still in the short term . 

On the current development of the situation on the packaging , the product through the packaging highlights the characteristics of the individual more and more obvious , the past two years , cosmetic packaging homogeneity is serious , packaging design daily chemical enterprises in order to avoid this, keep innovation, the use of new modeling and user-friendly design , highlighting innovative and elegant product , enhance the competitiveness of products from the appearance . When consumers select products, not just concerned about the aesthetics of the product packaging , but also increasing emphasis on other features of the package. Intelligent, humane package has undoubtedly become one of the important trends in the packaging vac tray industry. For example, in order to meet different needs for different grades and the use of enterprise -enabled products with different packaging capacity to facilitate consumer choice. For high-end products , take a small -capacity containers for packaging to meet the needs of low-income people . In addition , cosmetic packaging cosmetic Transparency is also a very prominent feature of the product , whether it is cleaning supplies or personal care or cosmetic packaging are developing toward transparency . Such a package is more intuitive enough to allow consumers to see the true state of more products , at a glance , you can increase consumer confidence at the time of purchase. 

Protective packaging product needs to have a functional and plastic packaging design decorative features , professional packaging design to consumer groups and different plastic packaging for different product categories , in the initial stages of packaging design from the shape, color, packaging materials and labels of other aspects to consider in a comprehensive , all factors linked to attention to every detail of product packaging , always reflects the humane, stylish and innovative packaging concepts , which have an impact on the final product. It is foreseeable that in the future the day of the market , more new packaging materials technology development and progress and the gradual popularization and application will undoubtedly make it to the day of the future development of our product packaging to produce unlimited reverie.

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