Thursday, December 26, 2013

Futuristic Style Combination Of Two Contrasting Bathroom Designs

What the first thing that pay your attention for your house?. Livingroom, bedroom, or even bathroom. But for now the last one, bathroom that we will discuss in this section. Here are Two Contrasting Bathroom in Futuristic Style Combination.Banner Pen It’s so wonderful if you have two bathroom in one house. As we know, bathroom is a very important room in the house. We can relax, think and dream everything there. The main thing in any bathroom is water. One of the bathroom was inspired by it. With blue and white dominant color.The blue material ceramics give more wonderful sea effect, added by comfort sofa bed will make you relax and enjoy. Glass door describes the futuristic style. It can give more light room effect. Modern bathtub with blue dominant color in first bathroom is very futuristic impression. With immitation grass in the side of bathtub, your contrasting bathroom with futuristic style will look fresher.You can find zigzags visually expand the space, the space was even found for a bookshelf and addition some green plants. For the second bathroom, it looks more futuristic with yellow mixed purple lines while describe a beautiful sea view from your window.pp resin Very practical storage which are hidden in the walls can find in the both of bathrooms.

Modern amenities for the shower such as rain heads, body jets, steam showers and hand wands allow you to easily wash away the stress of the day. Take a look at these incredible spaces — from a stained-glass surround, to a soothing and meditative shower,post lift to a Roman bathhouse-inspired space — to see how designers are taking advantage of today's materials and accessories.Middle ground. Divide your master vanity right down the middle with a stunning shower, like this glass enclosure made of two floor-to-ceiling panels and a door at the end. The textural shower wall creates an instant focal point, too.All around. Have your shower give your tub a hug. This shower enclosure encapsulates a full array of body jets and shower heads, while the round tub sits snugly in the middle of the design. I love how the unique shower shape has doors on both sides!Behind closed doors. These stained-glass doors open into a heavenly shower experience enhanced by an oversized rain head. The light spilling through the colored glass could even become a form of chromotherapy, where colored light restores balance and energy.All in one. Save time and space by positioning your bathtub inside your shower. The frameless enclosure holds both the shower and the freestanding bathtub in one stunning area.Ancient history. Repeat history and re-create a Roman bathhouse feeling with arched doorways and marble tile

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