Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sunshine Power: expansion of wind power inverter PV power plant investmen

600,000 kilowatts of wind power converter technology projects . Intends to invest 60 million yuan raised funds an annual 600,000 kilowatts wind energy converters transformation projects , the project construction period is 18 months after the completion of the company will be capable of full-power wind energy converter products 400,000 kilowatts , double-fed wind energy converter series production capacity of 200,000 kilowatts , is put into sales revenue of 176 million yuan is expected to contribute , contribution to net profit 17.34 million yuan ;

Were invested 3 million yuan in Gansu Jiuquan established Chaoyang New Energy Co. Ltd. and Sanyo New Energy Co., Ltd. Jiuquan into photovoltaic power plant investments. Help the company develop the next generation PV inverter products and grid technology research, while improving the company's industrial chain.

Wind energy converter substantial expansion of production capacity , technical level to meet market demand . Wind energy converter is the company 's second largest PV inverter outside business , in 2011 sales revenue of 74.96 million yuan , accounting for 8.58% , an increase of 73.06% . The transformation project is based on the existing equipment , the implementation of the system 3MW 690V inverter platform development and performance upgrades , medium pressure systems and above 5MW power converter platform construction , is put into ( 2015 ) the company will an annual full-power wind energy converters 400,000 kilowatts , double-fed wind power converter products 200,000 kilowatts , a total of 600,000 kilowatts of capacity, compared to 180,000 kilowatts in 2011 the company 's production capacity has increased dramatically.

Doubly-fed wind power inverter main supporting doubly-fed wind turbine , wind energy converter full power main supporting direct drive , semi- direct-drive wind turbines , and other types . The technological complexity of the grid specifically designed to be optimized to adapt to harsh environments and harsh wind farm grid environment ; optimize the fan system applications to achieve high efficiency and power generation, represents the current mainstream technology trends. Company WindPlus + wind converter represents a homemade converter high level , with good low voltage ride through capability and meets wind energy converter trends.

Wind power industry has entered a rapid development stage from the adjustment phase , restricting domestic wind power development of the biggest drawbacks is the " grid " unstable , to solve this problem is the most effective way to improve the performance of current transformer . At present, foreign wind energy converter brand occupy a larger market share , domestic inverter in a standardized , intelligent , functional completeness , scalability, and stability and so there is a certain gap . Company to increase wind energy converter technology investment , in line with the direction of the wind power industry market development , with the price advantage of domestic high-quality converter to better meet market demand.

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