Monday, October 21, 2013

Top 7 reasons to go green now for a healthier, prosperous and longer life

Go green is one of the most popular phrases we use in our conversation. In newspapers, TV shows and general debate it is more than often used.
Rising level of environmental pollution and natural resource depletion has forced people to take this phrase damn seriously. Green global leaders also want each one of us go green to make planet Earth greener and safer place to live.But this term is mostly used just for the sake of showing how much aware we are. We simply condemn environmental degradation. We slam every act of polluting. But we mostly take pollution at macro level. We forget to admit how our little actions hit our natural environment and even we don’t know what we are doing.So we need to bring smaller changes in our way of living and must go green now at individual level to keep our kids safe from all types of pollution hazards. After going green it seems nice to talk hard against giant polluters and lethargy of governments to control pollution.

Go green means to be environment friendly. By adopting a green living we use things of daily use as much as we can before discarding it to generate waste. We must buy organic or natural things and avoid every type of chemical that is used for instant but harmful results. We go for things that have minimum packaging to generate less rubbish after their use. We switch to natural gas for our energy needs and consume as much lesser as possible to conserve our resources. We try to avoid every act that may harm our environment. While doing this we don’t feel we are on duty but take it as our living style and eventually we enjoy a lot with it.

If we don’t do this we will have lesser resources and people may fight with each other to grab maximum resources. It is widely predicted that next world war would be waged to grab more and more natural resources. Right now our water resources are so much scarce that out of 6.5 billion population of the world nearly 2.5 billion people are facing water shortage all across the globe. We have wasted our food resources so much so that now scientists are exploring edible insects to meet the food shortage. Before we are forced to eat unconventional food we must stand up for the cause of protecting our fast depleting natural resources. Who wants to see next world war in his life time and that too on natural resources. 

We don’t take it a normal way of living. We wrongly assume that before doing every work we need to check if it is green. We need to live like people do in ancient time. We have to avoid machines, fast affecting products and fast way of living. We fear we would lag behind others in every field. This is absolutely wrong or nonsense. If we use natural products instead of chemical ones we will grow stronger and will become more competitive. If we avoid every act that may cause pollution it will benefit us first because we will not get into its direct contact. If we use green energy we will not be inhaling smoke which we do while using conventional forms of energy. So this is our misunderstanding about green living. It is fully a natural way of living and absolutely a normal lifestyle.

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