Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The photovoltaic industry boom warmer too early

However, despite the PV product prices rebound, but the current price still can not support the resumption of production of most businesses, especially overseas polysilicon enterprises in the EU under the shadow of anti-dumping will continue to suppress the enthusiasm of the domestic manufacturers, Ministry of Industry officials said that more than 85% of the domestic polysilicon production enterprises have ceased production, most of the enterprises at a loss. At the same time, the risk of precarious debt crisis intensified, to the once "Wuxi card," Suntech on behalf of the leading PV grid connected inverter companies are facing the risk of bankruptcy twice been prompted by the United States Exchange delisting risk, and LDK is facing bankruptcy situation. Data show that the domestic component companies listed overseas, asset-liability ratio close to 80%, asset-liability ratio of the component companies in the domestic market is also close to 60%.

"The new energy stocks rose only short-term speculation." Guotai Junan analyst HouWenTao to the "Red Week" reporters said. He believes that the supply and demand situation of the photovoltaic industry, the fundamentals have not improved markedly, although this year the prices of goods to rebound, but overall is still hovering at the bottom, to say really warmed up too early to say.

More than 1000 PV companies in Europe to impose punitive tariffs on Chinese solar companies asked the European Commission to give up. " Recently, rumors about EU anti-sanctions will be canceled to boost the domestic photovoltaic business confidence. "If the European Commission has adopted the requirements of the abolition of the dual anti-sanctions, PV companies in China will usher in the second newborn Europe shrinking share of exports is expected to be picked up again, the otherwise formal ruling settled the bankrupt enterprises will also increase. A Insiders told reporters.

However, it seems that there are some domestic photovoltaic enterprises do not value the power of the EU anti-sanctions, such as the chairman of Trina Solar said in an interview, despite the unfavorable factors such as the European Union on China PV industry "double reverse" survey impact, but with China, Japan and other emerging market demand continues to increase, the overall situation of the industry this year will be better than last year.

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