Monday, February 18, 2013

PV industry capacity imbalance pressure still in the consolidation and restructuring of focus

2012, photovoltaic products appear serious imbalance between supply and demand, product prices have fallen sharply, foreign polysilicon enterprises to China, dumping large quantities of low-cost polysilicon products, resulting in industry-wide losses of 90% of the domestic polysilicon enterprises Discontinued. Country ten PV companies listed in the U.S. debt had reached 111 billion yuan, the average debt ratio of close to 70%. "China Photovoltaic Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bo said.

China Renewable Energy Society Vice President Meng XianGan of you said, "in 2013, the PV industry will enter a deep industrial restructuring period." December 19, 2012, is undoubtedly good news for China's photovoltaic solar panel industry. The State Council, while emphasizing in market Daobi mechanism to encourage corporate mergers and acquisitions, eliminate backward production capacity. On the other hand, strict control of new project simply expand the production capacity of polysilicon, photovoltaic cells and modules.

"These policy measures are bound to a certain extent, to accelerate the industry reshuffle 2013, the PV industry will enter a depth industry adjustment to eliminate a number of capacity inefficient, high-cost photovoltaic enterprises, the overall level of capacity may reductions. "China Renewable Energy Society Vice President Meng XianGan said.

In fact, this year to adjust the photovoltaic industry support policies more than that. "" Solar power development 'second five' plan, "the 2015 solar power capacity target to more than 21GW. According to the" declaration distributed large-scale application of photovoltaic power generation demonstration area, the planning of distributed PV a total installed capacity of 15GW .

National Grid [microblogging] also published a good distribution of photovoltaic power generation and network services advice, asked the 10 kV voltage level connected to the grid, just apply for no cost, and purchase the full amount of generating capacity, with intent to gradually clearing the grid obstacles. China Photovoltaic Industry Alliance Secretary-General Wang Bo, analysts believe that these policies are to the growth of the PV solar cell market in China to bring good, but still need to improve policy implementation rules, the effect of policies to be tested. '

"Overcapacity in exports, comprehensive loss for the industry, it can be said that the 2012 is the darkest year for the photovoltaic industry in 2013 after nearly two years of difficulties, or become the year of the turning point of the photovoltaic industry." ChinaVenture Investment in Group microblogging ] analyst Li Ling said.

Li Ling believes that "the entire PV solar charge controller industry will usher in a fully integrated, survival of the fittest, capacity and low efficiency, poor management, outdated business philosophy, enterprises will be eliminated or merger. Expected loss of a large area of ??the industry as a whole in 2013, the situation is expected to improve photovoltaic industry will gradually return to the right track. "

"Although efforts to control the production capacity at the policy level, vigorously develop the domestic market imbalances and will not immediately solve the short-term production capacity imbalance adjustments also need to go through this process in 2013." Photovoltaic Industry Association of Jiangsu Province, the former Secretary-General Wei Qidong said.

"The components will continue to bear the the stage imbalance of pressure by double reverse effect of foreign demand on China components is expected to 10GW domestic related to promote the introduction of the policy so that domestic demand to reach 10GW, the actual demand for a total of about 20GW but PV module production in China in 2012 to integrate not effectively occur phased imbalance pressure will continue to bear the capacity in 2013. "China Photovoltaic Industry Association Secretary-General Wang Bo said.

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