Monday, March 12, 2012

Different brands of bridal jewelry innovation

Bridal hair accessories jewelry more and more rich, Zhu Hua, the crown, flowers, diamonds, crystal, ribbon, type and style is varied, different bridal hair accessories Jade, gold jewelry, brilliant diamonds, elegant pearl Has dominated the four royal wedding Juicy Necklace bit, but in every quarter of innovation, creativity doubled.

Jade was the most gentle bride white jade
Emerald say the bride dress, but the most popular this year, both the bride wedding amplified warm in the summer and will also quintessence of cultural heritage. When culture and jewelry are combined well, jade jewelry is to be given long and memorable flavor. With the growing popularity Oriental fashion element, more and more young people started to restore the classic to the traditional jade Juicy Bracelet Dress up yourself.

Romantic wedding, warm water, jade jewelry shine, regardless of the traditional Western-style wedding dress or a mix, can show the perfect unique charm. Jade inlaid necklace Lie collar, jade earrings jump ears Smart, charming bracelets slide Yubi textures, gestures, the shy bride show, and it is a feast for the eyes and moving picture.
Jade, gold jewelry, brilliant diamonds, elegant pearl wedding jewelry has dominated the four king of the place, but in every quarter of innovation, creativity doubled.

Joy eternal series of colorless glass kinds of earrings / Zhao Yi Tsui HouseLoli the full sense of the bow decoration, and colorless glass kingfishers match, breaking the traditional perception of the people in green. Jingya give pure sensory, and the wedding with a romantic nature.Star to love "high-profile holiday! " addiction you thought about the star? Yes, though not necessarily their own armed to the teeth with big, but the momentum will have to work for both the jewelry style or color, or design must comply with the "high profile"standard, then there is the choice of clothing is also associated with Be nice to eat, you can "seemingly random", but must not "casual"!

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